Table Plans

In June I found myself doing a larger number of  Table Plans than usual for weddings. Which is nice, because I enjoy doing them. I enjoy making all my stationery of course, but it is very satisfying to produce a piece that showcases all the stationery elements of design and colour and texture in a large format.

For example, this is a Classic design featuring one of my Celtic Hearts:

Gavin Table Plan

Silver Pearl paper highlighting each table list that has been printed on cotton fibre paper with a small embossed Celtic Heart motif at the top.

The format of this next table plan tied into a bespoke invitation that had a square shape and used this distinct olive green colour.  I thought the contrasting type styles worked really well. (embossed Thistle and Shamrock motif)

Smith 1

Smith 2

The table plan below featured a custom made invitation design using a Mackintosh style Thistle & Rose. Since there wasn’t a smaller embossed motif to go with the invitation, the design was printed in a delicate colour on each table list behind the guest names.

Geary Table Plan

Table Plan

And finally, this table plan was particularly fun to do. The bride’s idea was as follows:

“I was hoping for a fair bit of wild leaf print for a messy border to the piece/pieces of paper and a fair few scrolls thrown in to make it look a bit whimsical.  The same with the font really, clear for older people to see but a bit fantasy/mythical also.” 

The Leaf Frame design had been used on her invitations.

Leaf A 141-115-188

In our discussions it transpired that she was a fan of Game of Thrones, and selected various castles from the series for the Table Names. (I had some fun using Game of Throne character names for the sample table plan layout I originally sent to her. Although as I’ve never watched the programme I no doubt sat arch enemies at the same tables!) I used the “Twilight font” for the typeface this is the end result:

Table Plan Evely 3

Table Plan Evely 5

I believe the bride was going to use a silk garland of flowers and leaves to add to the loose, woodsy/flowery effect. I was so pleased with how it turned out, and the bride was too!

If any of these are of interest to you, I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities and create a beautiful table plan for your special day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A very Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating being in love, and particularly to those of you who may have marked the occasion by becoming engaged.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day I am introducing a brand new Floral Heart wedding invitation design.

Floral Heart


Floral Heart Invitations Floral Heart oos plcd

This design is also ideal for personalising with names, or even the date of your wedding. Floral Heart personalised


This is currently available in the Paris Collection only, but the embossed version (Light of the Moon Collection) will be available soon.

If you’d like to see this design, Floral Heart, and more, please visit my website:


Competition winner!

This evening the draw was held to choose the competition winner for my £200 stationery prize.

Entries were printed out, folded  and then placed into a bowl that was made by my father.  (He’s a biology professor, not a potter, to trade, but he has made us some absolutely beautiful bowls that we cherish, and their hand-made quality seemed more appropriate than a hat!)

WP Entries

The winner of the competition was:

WP The winner

I also decided to draw an additional two names as “runners up” who would receive a 10% discount on their stationery order. The winners for this were:



WP Runner up 1    WP Runner up 2


My thanks to all who took the time to look over my stationery designs, choose their favourites and then enter the competition.  My congratulations to the winners!


Brown Penny – William Butler Yeats


A little bit of inspiration for me…..

This is a beautiful poem by W.B. Yeats. While I was familiar with some of his poems I first heard this one in the film ‘Must Love Dogs’ where Christopher Plummer does a wonderful performance reciting it. One of my goals is to do a design that somehow incorporates the sentiments of this poem, particularly “I am looped in the loops of her hair”, which I find absolutely enchanting.

Brown Penny




Bill Cunningham New York (Documentary)

This has nothing whatsoever to do with wedding stationery but the other night I found myself so fascinated by a television program that I wanted to mention it here.  It was the documentary Bill Cunningham New York (shown on Sky Arts). As a designer maybe I should have known about him before now, or maybe the fact I’m in the UK and not NYC gives me an excuse.

Bill Cunningham is a fashion photographer for the New York Times, not in a studio with high paid models in haute couture, but out on the streets photographing real people with their individual style. I found him such an interesting person, and enjoyed the glimpse into how he saw fashion and the people in the world wearing it. Eccentric, with integrity, and such a work ethic, I found myself thinking about it long after the programme had finished.

I would urge anyone to see this film. If you like fashion, or photography, or design, or New York City, or just incredible people you will get something out of this.

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